Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Joyful Day!

 Just a little break from our Disney vacation time today while we watch with joy as our country once again has a functioning president instead of a pretending adolescent to lead us.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Animal Kingdom

 When we got up yesterday morning there was scratching outside the Airstream,.  Upon opening the door there were 21 wild turkeys at our campsite.  Nearly half of them were Tom’s, as indicated by black tipped wing feathers and drooping beards.  Only one male, though, was in charge!  He spread his tail feathers and lorded over the whole bunch.

After the turkeys left, we headed over to Animal Kingdom to see official animals.  Upon our arrival we saw that the Park was almost empty, so, we could walk right into whatever we wanted to ride or see.

No Crowds Here!

In the cool weather all the animals were out on the Safari ride.  As many times as Trish and I have been here, we had never seen so many animals.  The pictures below will show you a few of them.  We are having a lovely time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Magic Kingdom

 Yesterday was Monday so we knew the crowds would have dropped from the weekend.  We slept very late and finally went over to the Magic Kingdom after lunchtime.

There are no big parades now to help avoid congested gatherings of people.  Instead there are little events that happen by surprise at frequent intervals.  Just as we arrived, all the princesses came by on a float.  These little happenings are better than parades as they occur all the time without notice.  They are all different.

There were very short lines and, even arriving in the afternoon, we were able to ride: the Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, Small World, Under the Sea, Buzz Lightyear, and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as having dinner at Be Our Guest.

As inauguration time comes next week we are curious to see what changes are made to the Hall of the Presidents and when.  It will be interesting.

Trish and I continue to be impressed by the care that is taken for health safety.  Here is a picture showing how the lines are spaced out and separated by plexiglass on the way into the Small World ride.  Tomorrow we go to EPCOT.

Monday, January 11, 2021

At Disney World

 Whew we are at our campsite at Fort Wilderness until January 28.

At Fort Wilderness

The most amazing thing about being here is seeing how Disney is safely handling people at this time.

Even though we are Annual Pass Holders, we must make advance reservations for each time we want to visit a park. Only one-third of the normal capacities are being admitted.  When we arrive we have our temperature taken and are checked to be sure our mask covers our chin, cheeks and nose.

Because we get free parking, we have not been riding buses to the parks but driving instead.  Even in the parking lots cars are separated with empty rows and spaces between cars on rows.

For rides, there is clear separation for the lines and then only one party is seated in any car on any ride.

Meals are only by reservation. 

We find that it is busier on weekends, so, that is when we do laundry and clean the Airstream.  On Monday through Friday it is like the place is empty and we can walk right on to any ride we choose.

If the entire country were run like this, we would see COVID really begin to disappear.  Hurrah for the strictness of Disney!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

A New Year Adventure

 A few days after Christmas we packed up our Airstream and headed south for the month of January.

We decided to camp at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, one of our favorite campgrounds, for the month.  

Disney has opened the parks on a very limited basis: only one third of the normal capacity is being admitted each day and you have to have a pre-reservation for that day to enter, masks are required and enforced at all times except actively eating while seated, temperatures are checked on entering a park anytime, restaurants require advanced reservations and only seat a limited number of people, the rides are very spaced out and people are carefully directed as to where to sit, lines are very spaced.  It is beautiful and fascinating to be here without crowds and to see how things are organized and handled. (Hand sanitizer is EVERYWHERE!)

Below are several photos to show how it actually looks here.  This is still a holiday weekend so things are at “limited capacity.” We are looking forward to how it will be when people have to go back to work on Monday.

Monday, December 28, 2020

A Quiet Christmas.

 On the afternoon of Christmas Eve it started raining and the wind came up from the south.  By Christmas morning it had rained 4.45 inches and water was standing everywhere.  It was also quite chilly.  Trish and I had a quiet Christmas Day alone at home.  Once the rain stopped the sky was crystal clear blue, so, by afternoon it was time to take a village ride.  We did not see anyone out and about anywhere!  A full quiet day.

The Sunday before Christmas our son, Kelly, his wife, Erin, and their son, Frank, came out for a three day visit. We had seen then only once in the past year of COVID and it was wonderful to have this little Christmas visit.  The weather was still good then so we got to go to the beach both on the Sound side and the ocean side.

We drove the GLS on the beach all the way to the south end of the island.  We were the only people out there.  There were pelicans, cormorants, lots of gulls, and even porpoises to be seen.

On another adventure we walked to the Springers Point Nature Preserve on the Pamlico Sound side of the island.  The walk through the live oak forest was lovely, but, when we got out to the water the wind was fierce.  It was a great adventure of exploration and exercise.

We were sorry to see them go,  it later we’re glad that they got ahead of the storm.  Our Christmas Day together was held courtesy of ZOOM! 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Island Lights

 Each year in the island there is a contest related to home and business holiday lights.  Lots of people here enjoy lighting up property of all kinds for the Christmas season.

On Friday the judging was held so we were sure that that evening everyone would be sure to have their lights plugged in for a good ride around town.  There were categories such as Best Theme, Most Lights, Most Traditional, Most Original, and Best Business.  The Ocracoke Business and Civic Association sponsored the contest.

During most year there are lots of events around the community during December, but, this year is very quiet.  There is no live music, no special dinners, no parties.  COVID carefulness has put the lid on all kinds of gatherings.  The island community care has paid off in that we have stayed very safe here as a result of masks and distancing.  It is a Christmas present to everyone!

Instead of gatherings, we ride around and look at the lights! is fun.

Joyful Day!

 Just a little break from our Disney vacation time today while we watch with joy as our country once again has a functioning president inste...